Monday, February 1, 2010

Art Connects Like-Minded Kindred Spirits

Today my Functional Art allowed me to meet a wonderful new friend. I was humbled how our paths crossed, but realize more and more the healing benefits of creative expression. 

Basically, two years ago a customer had purchased some of my FA coasters and magnets at a local art show.  She gave them to her artist friends for gifts and one of them contacted me and purchased additional art from me today... it's like a circle.  Anyway, I was blessed by meeting her ... so thank you Beverly. 

Also wanted to share a little heart inspired garland I made to decorate my mantle.
Past few weeks I've noticed heart garland at several art/craft and decorating stores. Each time I would inspect it and say, this is nice ... but made in China and I would think ... "I can make this".  So I did!  It didn't take too much time, was fun and brainless .... well you get the picture.  I collage an entire sheet of sheer heart fabric, some hearts punched from old books and added it to some paper napkins printed with roses. Then I added some silver flecks, tiny beads and some red fringe fibers.

I covered it all in a thick layer of white glue and allowed it to dry over night.  After it dried, I cut out 17 hearts about 3" in diameter.  I cut tiny ribbons and tied them to a strand of tiny pearls I had on hand.  Tacky, maybe ... but it was fun and it's good to have fun.