Painting/Collage Classes

Learn how to draw an item or work from your favorite photos, transfer to either art board, canvas, wood panels, or watercolor paper ... then explore methods in painting with watercolor or acrylics. And yes, sometimes we trace with a twist ... but we mostly have fun.

Classes are $15 for first hour, then $10 per hour afterwards.
Students should bring their own supplies: paint, ink, mixing tray or paper plates, canvas, canvas board, art board, transfer saral paper, pencils, masking tape, watercolor paper, portable desk easel if desired and brushes.

(Bring your favorite photos or books of interested subjects, unless still life subjects are desired.) 

Below are just a few of GG's styles and illustration/art experience:


"Paint with paper art class by GG"

Learn how to draw an item, (such as an apple, flower, heart, angel, etc.) on canvas. Step 2 is altered recycled papers, tearing, punch and then using those . then students will use small pieces of paper for a unique one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Supply list will vary depending on what students want to achieve. (Seasonal art such as angels, hearts, snowmen or pumpkins are suggestions for beginners.) 

$30 for first 3-hour class or $15 an hour, for additional similar classes.

For more info please send me a private message through my Facebook page at: 

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