Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas with a twist of "Zebra" and a hint of "Leopard"

Every year my collections and new "functional art" items with zebra and leopard expand to a new dimension. Some might call it tacky or some might call it silly. However, for me it's simply a fun design that I enjoy having around.

Naughty Snow Chic Throw Pillow

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Naughty Snow Chic Art by GG Burns here:

and here at ImageKIND:

Animal print seems to be my trademark after all these years, since I have decorated my apartments and homes with it since the late 70s. Rarely can I paint a horse, snowman or cat without a hint of zebra or leopard appearing somewhere.

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Pinterest has become a great escape and a place crafty, DIY, decorating concepts spin from one person to another. Recently I expanded on one crafter's photo of Christmas tree topiaries using zebra and leopard print wrapping paper and gave them my own twist, adding a real vintage belt from the 70s and red fur. 

Steps on how to make a Christmas Tree Topiary can be viewed here:http://www.52mantels.com/2011/11/wrapping-paper-christmas-tree-topiaries.html

Since a lot of my own art and designs incorporate "animal print" -- it's easy to decorate while attempting to sprinkle holiday cheer. I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true ~ with a magical twist of "Zebra" and a hint of "Leopard".