Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Tribute to the life of our Min Pin!

Once upon a time, an ordinary couple were searching 
for a puppy for their son. Their son has recently 
been hospitalized and the entire family was very sad.

When the couple decided they wanted to purchase a 
breed called ‘miniature pinscher’ they visited a breeder. 
While looking over the litter, the Mom asked, 
“do they already have personalities?” 
The breeder said, oh yes, the one your husband is 
holding is called ‘Satan’ because he is so difficult! 
However, the little one in your lap is nicknamed  
‘sleepy’ because he is so good and loves to sleep.

Well, the decision to purchase the ‘sleepy puppy’ 
was made immediately.

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The couple brought their tiny puppy home. On the way, 
the puppy didn’t want to be held, so the Mom put him 
down in the floor of the car. The little puppy began to 
rock back and forth – as if he was trying to balance himself. 
And that was how ‘Rocky’ earned his name.

What the couple didn’t know was little Rocky was about 
to steal their hearts. He not only became their son’s 
therapy dog … but he became their therapy. Rocky 
gave more love than any dog could. He slept with the 
couple each night; he went on long walks each day with 
the Mom and played games with the tired Dad each evening.

Rocky’s job was to protect the household.

If anyone came into the house uninvited, 
Rocky chased him or her away – including cats, 
birds, squirrels – you name it. One day he even chased a 
burglar out of the house while the son was home alone. 
Rocky was a hero.

When Rocky was older, he almost died from a 
reaction to his yearly vaccines. But the vet gave 
him medicine and brought him back to life.

Each day, Rocky would wag his little stub and talk 
to his family with his eyes. He was always happy 
and gave unconditional love, even when his 
family was tired, stressed or cranky.

Rocky loved to sit in the sun, on his 'leopard print' 
pillow and greet all the neighbors walking by on 
the sidewalk. He was the king of his domain. 

He only tolerated the family cat, who was 
always sitting in the shadows.

Rocky left his paw prints not only on 
his family’s hearts … but everyone he met. 
Rocky was their little ‘king dog’ in more ways than one. 

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He earned his wings and left earth on Feb. 10, 2014.  
He will be missed.