Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 GOALS

Ahh, new years resolutions ... can we keep them? I'm feeling pretty good as I'm working on my NY's goals each day. We are on day 17 and I'm slowly checking them off. Goal #1.) Create a "new" website and blog. Check! They are far from being complete, but at least they are "up and running". Goal #2.) finish my taxes - in the mail. Goal #3.) Focus on what I can do and let go of what I have no control over! (Well, I'll have to revisit this every day of course.) Goal #4.) Create some form of art every day, whether it be digital media, fun craft projects or visual "functional art" to sell at upcoming art shows. And last but not least, Goal # 5.) Move my office and computer to a more peaceful location and rearrange my studio and artwork spaces. Well this is a constant work in progress, but I'm being more mindful that my muse cannot always thrive in chaos. :-)

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Diane said...

Hi GG--I like your way of thinking. Your resolutions sound alot like mine--I'm one of your followers now, and I hope to see more of your art soon--LOVE the tree!!