Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Ribbon Wreaths

Heart - Ribbon Wreaths

A recent 'heart-inspired' crafting project was a joint effort with a dear friend. 
I had created a ribbon-fabric wreath once before. It was so time consuming, 
I realized it would be much more enjoyable to share that time with a friend.

 We begin with several trips to Hobby Lobby and Michaels Craft store.  
Then we cut fabric swatches (about 200 pieces) into 1.5" by 10" pieces. 
Next, we cut up a few hundred ribbon pieces ~ same size. We tied them to 
a wreath ~ mine was a 12" wire, heart shape wreath ... 
my friend's was a 12" round. 

I added vintage fabric mixed with new cotton fabric as well as stiff ribbon. 
I think overall the ribbon wreath will hold up longer.  Once you buy these supplies and spend the time it takes to complete this project, you then know 'why' these wreaths sell for large sums in retail shops. :-) Happy crafting.

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Lorraine said...

For sure this is time consuming and both you and your friend made fabulous ones. I love your choice of colors and designs. I think I might manage one 4" LOL. I've made a lot of fabric and ribbon wreaths in my life (years ago) but nothing that remotely compares to yours. Just beautiful and happy!