Friday, February 5, 2010

Make Your own Valentine Garland from “Serendipity Paper”

To make your own heart inspired garland these are the supplies you will need:

Commercial grade wax or freezer paper
Elmer’s® glue diluted in half/half water
Disposal brush
Sheer fabrics, lace, fibers, or ribbons
Heart tissue paper or colorful Valentine paper napkins
Heart punches and scissors
Heart rubber stamps
Torn or cut out pieces of vintage paper, sheet music, hand-made or scrapbook papers
Even colorful pages from magazines work

For my Valentine Garland, first I diluted about 4 ounces of Elmer's® Glue in 2 parts water in an old plastic bowl.  Stir the mixture until you have the consistency of soup.  Paint a small amount of glue with a disposable brush onto the freezer paper first.  (Shiny side up.)  Then, I took an entire sheet of sheer heart fabric; some hearts punched from old books and added it to some paper napkins printed with roses.

Then I added some silver flecks, tiny beads and some red fringe fibers. Some of my tissue paper was stamped with faces using rubber stamps. The one shown was purchased from

I covered my materials in a thick layer of white glue and allowed it to dry over night. Your art will appear cloudy, however it will be transparent when it dries. After my art had completely dried, I cut out 17 hearts approximately 3" in diameter.  Then I attached tiny ribbons and tied them to a strand of small pearls I had on hand. Fun and inexpensive!

Read in my blog in the Jan. 2010 section, to view my heart inspired tree, also showcasing ornaments made for “serendipity paper making” technique. For additional instructions about this creative technique view artist Robin Moore's page at

These are some other examples of papers made using this technique:
I framed this Serendipity Collage, it has dried leaves, torn strips of hand made papers, sheet music and river oak birch.

Finished Garland