Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ready or NOT, for Valentine's Gift Season


Lately, I have been consumed with my other life, "advocating" for mental health care in Kentucky" ... it's time to turn off the phones, turn off the computer and make time to create. Valentines are great inspirations.  Write to, if you need a special Valentine gift for your sweetheart.

Also, check out my newly upgraded website: Design by Pixels and Media


Diane said...

Your work is beautiful!!

Pixels and Media said...

Thanks, GG! I hope you like the new layout :)

Wanda H said...

gg, Hi!!!!!! I followed a trail that led me to your blog.. yay!!!! Your Valentine's tile is gorgeous!!! I still have the one I bought from you at the ART bash sitting on my desk... I still love it!!!!