Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter 2011, Reflections from the Bluegrass

While riding home from Louisville with my husband, I took the 
time to 'exhale' from being a mental health advocate and shot 
some images of the winter scenery on the side of the road. 

This is a distance image of the famous Castle Post ~ for more info click here.

As often happens, I forgot to check the batteries in my digital camera. Wherefore, I grabbed my faithful SM Smartphone and held it up to the window.  
I was a bit astounded with the results.

I'm always amazed how many colors one can see in "white" snow.  For 
anyone viewing this, who haven't traveled through the Kentucky Bluegrass 
region ~ these are classic images of what the countryside looks like. That 
is, before you drive from the west into Fayette County. Once you cross the 
county line, it's basically businesses and thousands of subdivisons everywhere. 
I once stated, I lived in a city of rooftops.

The temperatures were a brisk 25 degrees today. Which is considerably 
warmer than the past few days. I am ready for spring, but in the meantime 
I try to find beauty whenever I can find it ~ 
even a flowerpot holding an ice flower.
Reflections of Winter in the BLuegrass
I hope you enjoy my images. gg

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