Saturday, March 31, 2012

Echinacea Art - Painting with Paper

My Friends are Flowers - By GG Burns
For a long time, I have admired artist who create collages or paint with small pieces of paper. Until now, I have only dabbled with this technique. After creating two exploded views of Echinacea Cone Flowers, my thoughts are this is an extremely time consuming and a back breaking method to create art. 

'A Walk in the Garden' by GG Burns
Consequently, I will no doubt return to painting with either watercolors or alcohol inks since I enjoy painting quickly with instant results. Now, I have more admiration for my collage artist friends than ever before.

First, I altered various vintages pages from old books, sheet music or clippings from garden magazines. 

Then, I painted an undercoating with acrylic paint of each flower on canvas.  
Next, I used a paper shredder, hole punches and scissors to cut up thousands 
of tiny pieces. After about 20 hours of tedious, eye straining work, the paper paintings are complete. 


WrightStuff said...

Back breaking but a stunning result!

Lorraine said...

Oh WOW Gina, these are incredibly gorgeous and complicated. I love love love them. The colors -- the details -- the way you wrapped them around the canvas edges. Just amazing. Is there nothing in the art world you CAN'T do to perfection. I am WOWED!!!